Building a Wellness Empire

For the longest time, my passion was centered around the physical, breath work, and meditation of yoga... but IF you allow it, it can be SO much more.

It's observing and discipline. It's engaging the senses & then withdrawing from them. It's concentration and absorbing. It's selfless service, taking all that light we've built and offering it to our brothers & sisters, our community, and the world.

It's setting the prime example, actions lined with integrity, for OURSELF is where the deepest work lies and can be spread.

SAMSATI △YOGA embodies this life-long practice. This lifestyle. And offers to not only live this example in all that it does, but is eager to teach those who are eager to learn.

It's past time to promote change. Let's start with ourselves. #SelfLove

Saṃyoga : (m.) in Buddhism, a bond; union; association; connection.

Sati : Buddhist term derived from the Pali sati and its Sanskrit counterpart, smrti; mindfulness; awareness.

Yo·ga : “to yoke”; concentration; unity; yoga is the practice that aims to join the mind, body and spirit.

Geotourism : tourism that sustains or enhances the distinctive geographical character of a place—its environment, heritage, aesthetics, culture, and the well-being of its residents.


To unify individuals, communities, & our planet through education, awareness, healing & action of living a mindful lifestyle sought with adventure & holistic wellness practices.


Samsati Yoga takes your practice off the mat & into a transformational lifestyle experience. We can discover our optimal selves through adopting holistic principles and adventure. Whether traveling or exploring mother nature in your own backyard, you'll have educational support to make healthy and eco-conscious choices to benefit your own wellness and the local community.